Stewed Oxtail in Red Wine

Ingredients 材料

Australian Wagyu Ox Tail 澳洲和牛牛尾

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Onion 洋蔥 150g

Carrot 甘荀 200g

Tomato 蕃茄 200g

Celery 西芹 100g 

(Cut vegetables for use 蔬菜切件待用)

Tomato paste 茄膏 150g



Red wine 紅酒 1000ml

Paprika 紅椒粉 Random

Black pepper 黑椒粒 Random

Bay leaf 香葉 Random

Flour 麵粉 Random

Olive oil 橄欖油 Random


Directions 做法:


1/ 澳洲和牛牛尾1-1.5kg, 解凍後洗乾淨, 吸乾水, 灑上橄欖油, 紅椒粉, 黑椒, 鹽,  麵粉, 最後加入紅酒, 浸過牛尾, 醃過夜.

Defrost the Australian Wagyu ox tail, rinse and pat them dry with a paper towel. 

Season it by drizzling some olive oil, red pepper powder, black pepper, salt, flour. 

Finally, soak it in your favourite red wine and leave to soak overnight. 


2/ 取出已醃好的牛尾, 放入熱鑊煎, 煎2邊, 煎至2-3成熟後, 待用. 

Take out the marinated oxtail, fry it in a pan/pot using medium heat. 


3/ 熱鍋加少許油, 加入預先切好的蔬菜炒到半熟, 加上紅椒粉, 黑椒, 香葉, 再加上茄膏, 一起炒.

Stir fry pre-cut vegetables (onions, carrots, tomatoes, celery) until they’re half cooked. Then add red pepper powder, black pepper, bay leaves, tomato paste, lightly stir until fragrant. 


4/ 將牛尾放入已炒好的蔬菜的熱鍋內, 加入500ml紅酒, 炆2小時, 可根據情況加水, 即可食用.

Add your vegetable mixture into a large pot. 

Place your ox tail into the same pot, and add around 500ml of red wine.

Let the stew simmer for 2 hours (you may add water to the mixture when needed). 

Once the stew is done, serve and enjoy!