French Isigny Ste Mere’s Two Cheeses Platter

This two cheeses platter includes:

  1. Isigny Ste Mere Camembert Cheese 250g x 1 piece (soft cheese)
    – Similar to Brie, Camembert is also made with cow’s milk. However the camembert has a stronger, slightly sour, and sometimes chalky taste. The texture of camembert is softer than brie, and when warmed up the camembert will become creamier than brie.
  2. Isigny Ste Mere Pont L’eveque Cheese 350g x 1 piece (soft cheese)
    – Pont-l’Évêque is an uncooked, unpressed cow’s milk cheese. The central pâte is soft, creamy pale yellow in color with a smooth, fine texture and milky-pungent aroma.


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