Ferguson Australian Ocean Jacket (200g/pkt)

3-4 Fillets per 200g pack

South Australian Ocean Jacket (Nelusetta ayraudi) are one of the ocean’s best kept secrets. Wild caught in the Great Australian Bight (Southern Ocean) they are undervalued with premium quality flesh that is versatile for cooking. The flesh is white with a moist and delicate texture and pleasant sea aroma. The Ocean Jacket has a similar taste to chicken, with a hint of sweet oceanic flavour. Ocean Jacket is filleted fresh, packed and frozen all on the same day.

Frozen Fillets Skinless (second skin visable) Boneless
Available in 200g pack, 8x200g carton & 2kg bulk pack


Wild-caught sustainable seafood

Ferguson Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated by the Ferguson family who are based in South Australia.

  • Filleted and SNAP FROZEN on the day of catch, these iconic fish species are as fresh as you can get.


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