British Beef Short Rib 250-300g

Flanken ribs are a strip of beef cut across the bone from the chuck end of short ribs, instead of being cut with the bone in one piece (like we use in our spicy Instant Pot beef short ribs recipe), so they look a bit like long thin steaks with circle-shaped bones in them. Simply marinate, grill, and eat around the bones – the meat is tender, juicy, and so delicious!

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below


About UK British Native Breeds Beef

British Native Breeds comes from a farm on the Hertfordshire / Buckinghamshire border, in the beautiful countryside a stone’s throw from London. They mostly work with Red Ruby Devon cattle, one of Britain’s oldest native breeds. They are famed for the succulence and flavour of their meat, which is tender and well marbled. Red Rubies naturally lay down intramuscular fat, giving wonderful, succulent, flavoursome meat. As a small, hardy, native breed they can go through to finishing weight on a pasture only diet, which is good for the flavour and composition of the beef.


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