Dingley Dell Pork

Dingley Dell Pork

Established in 1999, Dingley dell aims to product superb tasting, welfare friendly pork with impeccable provenance. The atmosphere that the pigs of Dingley Dell live in is calm and nurturing.

“Happy Pigs”

At Dingley Dell, pigs are born, reared and grown outdoors all year round. Breeding sows are free to roam in groups and are fed on a natural, cereal based diet. Each pig has their own insulated, individual hut in which to farrow. In fact, the brand is notable for being part of the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme, whereby approved farms rear animals according to strict RSPCA standards – this means meeting both their physical and psychological needs. By providing the best environment, these pigs are able to behave freely and naturally.

The best flavored pork comes from pigs that are born, and bred in a well-managed, outdoor rearing and finishing system, where they can express their natural, inquisitive behavior. Dingley Dell’s sumptuous taste is a testament to the quality of care these animals receive.